We Love Orphans | Why The Elephant

Why the elephant?

“Because here at Kate Rose Creative, we are party animals! We love any excuse to throw a party or host an event! Life is too short to not celebrate every occasion big or small. Elephants symbolize many things, but our favorites are happiness, good luck and good fortune. We chose an elephant for our logo because we work with business owners and for you we wish good luck and good fortune. For our event clients, we wish you nothing but happiness. Along with the many reasons we chose an elephant, one of the main reasons is that Kate Rose Creative was founded to raise money for orphans in Africa and India, Katelyn’s favorite places in the world. We feel like there is no better feeling or sense of accomplishment, than to give back.”

Austin to Zambia w Border-2-01

But mostly, our heart beats for the orphan. Two years ago, I visited Africa and spent a good amount of time serving in an orphanage. I could write a novel on the experience, but all you really need to know is that the experience was life changing, the kids stole my heart and that Family Legacy (the foundation) is the real deal and seriously AMAZING! Not to mention, the orphanage is the happiest place in the world and the kids are the most loving, and appreciative people I’ve ever been around.

We wanted you to know that when you use Kate Rose Creative Group’s services, you are helping children in need. We take a portion of our monthly income and use it to sponsor a child and give back in other ways. Since you all are the reason Kate Rose Creative Group has a heart beat, we wanted to give you a little insight into who this wonderful child is. Gift is our sponsored child and even though I did not meet him during my time in Africa, I adore the kid. We keep up with each other through letters and occasionally I will get updates on his health, grades, home life ect. He’s smart and does really well in school, he gets along well with others and he’s cute too! Because of you, Gift has a home, an education, food, clean water, a house mom, a house family, and attends church weekly. Because of you, he has a bright future ahead and is loved deeper than ever before. Because of you, Gift can live a happy life where the possibilities for his future are endless! Thanks for choosing Kate Rose Creative Group.

Family Legacy is a great organization that I highly recommend if you are feeling called to give back in the way of loving a child and changing their life. Contact Family Legacy today to get more information on sponsorships: You will be glad you did!

“No one ever became poor by giving.”


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The Secret To Success | Your People

Here is a little secret to running a successful business… are you ready for it?! Hire people more talented than you. A lot of business owners want to be top dog, the best and to get all the credit for why their business has successes. I get it. Your business is your baby and you put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears (Not to mention dollars). I totally understand, but those are the same reasons I run my company differently. I built a team of badasses. Strong women with talent beyond belief. Women willing to do what it takes, dig deep during deadline, and keep going until their work is perfected. Women willing to take risks and willing to jump into projects that push boundaries and are outside of their comfort zone. I love them because they take on challenges head on. I love them because I respect them and they are not my “employees” they are my team. They are Kate Rose Creative Group. Yes, my name is on it and my face too, but they are my company and I would be lost without them. Build yourself a team of badasses. Give up a little control of your business. It’s good for you. I promise. Good things come from leading from the front and helping others grow and develop their talents deeper than you or them thought imaginable. It’s really cool to work hand in hand with someone to make your visions come to life. You grow as a person and as a leader. Having talented people on your team that have different skill sets than you, helps you grow and you provides opportunity for you to learn something along the way as well. Everyone comes out better. Better is what we are all after isn’t it?

This is my team. This is Kate Rose Creative Group. These are my badasses.

Maddie: Our Creative Brand Manager. Our design specialist and web guru. My right hand gal.

Learn more about Maddie:


Kristi: Our Graphic Designer. Our DIYer, color specialist and font master.
Learn more about Kristi:


Sam: Our Creative Intern. Our go getter, challenge taker, intern.
Learn more about Sam:


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Behind The Brand | Bouquets

When Stephanie, Bouquets’ owner came to us for her brand needs, we were thrilled to jump in and get our hands dirty. Being a florist, Bouquets allowed us to be creative…our favorite! We were hands on from the start and have loved watching this company grow. We did a full branding package for Bouquets and loved how it turned out. Their brand is soft, romantic, and quite dreamy. When asked, “In your head, what does your brand look like?” Stephanie provided us one image that kicked off the branding process. Our target market bride was one of elegance, class and one we could help create a fairytale for. We developed the color palette first. It was a given. We were going to focus on pale peaches, creams, golds and grey. A swoon worthy color palette if you ask us! We built in script fonts, floral touches and simplicity when building the logo. The logo is accompanied by a stunning pattern that we are a little obsessed with. The logo and pattern went well together when it came to designing Bouquets’ business cards. The overall look carried into their website. Their site is clean lined and fresh. The website really captures the feel of the company and helps reach the goals they are trying to accomplish. We can’t forget about social media! We created the social pieces as well as an email signature for Stephanie. It is all in the details yall! It was a pleasure working with Stephanie at Bouquets and brining her vision to life.


Bouquets-Portfolio-moodboard-copyright Bouquet-Inspiration-Board-copyright-02 Bouquets-Business-Card-Mock-Up2-1024x614 Bouquets-Monitor-Mock-upD-11-17 Bouquets-Monitor-Mock-upE-11-17


Learn more about Bouquets here: Bouquets Floral Design

Learn more about our branding packages on our website: Kate Rose Creative Group Branding Information


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Logos | Why They Are Important

Here at Kate Rose Creative Group our philosophy on branding goes a little something like this: “Your brand speaks for itself. Your brand is intentional. Your brand is inspirational. Your brand is personal. Your brand is thoughtful. Your brand is important. Your brand is you.” At the very forefront of your brand, is your logo. Your logo is the visual for your brand. Your logo is the image that people will remember, connect emotionally with and recognize. Make it good. Make it special. Make it different. Make it count. When creating a logo, it is important that you are not creating something that is super trendy. Why? Because trends go out. We are not saying do not include trendy elements to your brand, we are just saying be careful. Your logo needs to be able to grow with you. Think of your business years from now. In five years, what are your business goals? Close your eyes. Invision what your business will look like in 5 years. What will the journey be like that gets you to that five year business goal? Will your current logo get you there? When you get to that five year goal, will your logo work for that stage of your business? If the answer is yes- way to go! If your answer is no, then let’s talk. Let’s get you where you want to be on the branding side of things. Branding your business and creating your logo is a journey. It’s choosing the right look and feel, the right colors, the right textures, patterns and fonts. It’s finding the emotions you want others to feel and the thoughts you want others to think when coming across you, your brand, your logo. Logos are important. First impressions are everything.

If your business has many parts, like ours does; creating a logo can become more difficult. Why? Because you are needing to appeal and connect with multiple client types. For example: here at Kate Rose Creative Group, we specialize in branding and design, we work with business owners and artist. We also do weddings and events. We work on designing and coordinating everything from children’s birthday parties to weddings and corporate events. We have a broad range of client types and we wanted to appeal to everyone, as well as have a name and brand that would grow with us and work for all of the categories in which we work in. When building our brand, I knew a few things going into it:

1. My target market
2. My ideal clientele
3. My color pallete
4. I wanted texture
5. My shape of choice (Hexagon)
6. And that I wanted an elephant

We mocked up multiple designs until we got just the right one. Here is a little look into our logo journey:

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 5.53.43 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 5.53.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 5.57.45 PM

As you will see, our logo design was a process. We didn’t stop until we got it right and we tried things we though we might like. None of the logos above were “bad”, they just weren’t us and weren’t going to get us to where we wanted to go. There is nothing wrong with not getting it right the first time. Just like building a business, building your brand and logo is a process. Unfortunately, the process can be a difficult, stressful one. But have no fears, we are here to help! We want you to be successful and we want you to have a brand that you are proud of. Our current logo is a good representation of who we are, our style and things we love. We may not have gotten it right the first time around, but we got it right eventually. We are proud of our brand, our logo, and the business it represents.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 6.03.27 PM
Learn more about our branding packages on our website: Kate Rose Creative Group Branding Information

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Behind the Brand | The Making of Kate Rose Creative Group

Phew! So much went into the making of the Kate Rose Creative Group brand. We have come a long way from a couple of ideas on paper to a full service design and event firm. We have poured our hearts into every bit of this company. A lot of thought went into the colors, textures, logos, fonts, packages and images. We love what we do and are so excited to share our ideas and create new ones with you. We wanted our brand to reflect us as people, and our style. Kate Rose Creative Group is made up of young, entrepreneurial and creative women and between all of us, we pack a big punch. Everyone on our team brings something special to the table and each of us brings a piece to the puzzle.

Picking colors for your brand is a big deal yall! The color pallet tells so much about your company and is a big part of brand awareness. It is crucial that your colors are just right! I knew the colors I wanted right away. Mint and corals and light pinks were the color of my wedding and have and always been special colors to me. We added in the touches of hot pink to add a pop of color and personality. When I started building the brand for Kate Rose Creative Group, choosing the colors wasn’t hard. I lucked out on that one! The logo was a whole other story.

When it came time to design a logo, I knew right away that I wanted an elephant. Kate Rose Creative Group was originally created as a way for me to make extra money for charity. My heart beats for the orphans of the world, but especially the children in Africa and India. The elephant is a symbol that reminds me of both gorgeous countries, and groups of children. Maddie, our Creative Brand Manager and I went back and forth with multiple elephant designs until we decided on our current logo. We love the clean crisp edges of the hexagon and the soft texture of the watercolor. We are proud of the final product!

Deciding on a name for your business is one of the most important pieces of your business. It is also one of the hardest things to nail down and finalize. Your name is your identity. Your name is your brand. Your name is so important! I listed tons of ideas for names and went from there. The original name was Kate Rose Creative. After sitting on that name for a few weeks, we decided to add “Group” and it stuck!

The Kate part comes from my name Katelyn and Rose comes from multiple places close to my heart. My maiden name is Rosebrock, and my dearest Grandmother’s name is Rosalie. I look for anyway possible to include her and honor her through things I do and accomplish in life.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work and get creative with you! Thanks for being apart of our brand. All that we are, and all that we do, is for you guys!

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